第一课 句子成分

True or false

1、The play will soon over.

2、The guy in brown can not trust.

3、A strange flying object is seemingly in the backyard.

4、Broadly speaking, human beings maybe divided into three classes.

5、The cat maybe on the roof or in the bushes.

6、After I had had lunch at a village pub. I looked for my bag to get money for my bill.

7、I am always nervous on the first day of classes.

8、Stanley always ready for a fight.

9、Lighting the dark sky for a few seconds.

10、Pumas, large cat-like animals, are found in America. .

11、The searching went on for several weeks, but the murderer was not caught.

12、We'll say goodbye to him, because he’ll away for two months.

13、The team plans to stay here for five days. During this time, they will give five performances.

14、The beggar may ask you for money. But he will never asking you to feel sorry for him.

15、“Oh, that,”he said with a smile as if he was talking about an old friend.

Passage rewriting

1、We have an old musical instrument. It is called a clavichord. It was made in Germany. It was made in 1681. We keep our clavichord in the living room. Our family has it for a long time. My grandfather bought the instrument many years ago. Recently a visitor damaged it. She tried to play jazz on it! She struck the keys too hard. She broke two of the strings. My father was shocked. Now he does not allow us to touch it. A friend of my father's is repairing it now.

Sentence Combining

1、The man handed a photo of a girl. The photo was to me. He did that silently. The man was old. The girl was pretty.

2、We have moved into a house. We did that recently The house was new. It had single-storied.

3、It occurred a short while ago. My brother helped me. We carried a bookcase up the stairs. The bookcase was very heavy.

4、It happened this morning. A nurse examined the ground. She did that carefully.

5、A tree was planted forty years ago. It was a lemon tree. It was near the church. It was for the memory of their marriage.

6、The book will tell a great deal. It will tell us about the age of the universe. It will tell us about the size of the universe.

7、I felt pleased with my bargain My pleasure was especial. My bargain was wonderful.

8、People find this sort of joke. These people are foreign. This sort of joke are distasteful.

9、I was being tested. The test was for a driving license. It was the third time.

10、A murder crossed the road. The road was in front of me. He did that with a sudden.

第二课 修饰语 (1)Modifiers (I)

True or false

1、Linda is taller of the two sisters.

2、Stephen’s house is so large as John's.

3、The area of our city is larger than your city.

4、No resource is as vital as water.

5、John is senior to me by two years.

6、This room is as twice large as that one.

7、The Yellow River is the second long river in China.

8、I know you better than him.

9、There are more students in Class One than in Class Two.

10、Life was much harder than it is today.

11、Her employee is a pleasant young woman with a ring named Rebecca.

12、The homework scarcely took them an hour to complete.

13、The president has only two days to stay with his family.

14、They stood in line to buy tickets to the show for twenty minutes.

15、A dog was hit by a car running across the street.

Passage rewriting

1、I had lunch at a village pub. After that I looked for my bag. I had left it on a chair. The chair was beside the door. Now it wasn't there! I looked for it. The landlord came in. He asked 'Did you have a good meal?". I answered 'Yes, thank you. I can't pay the bill. I haven't got my bag.' The landlord smiled. He immediately went out. In a few minutes he returned. He had my bag in his hand. He gave it back to me. He said 'I'm very sorry. My dog had taken in into the garden. He often does this!'

Sentence Combining

1、The earth is big. The moon is small. About 50 moons equal to one earth.

2、My mother is sixty eight years old. My father is seventy four years old.

3、Jeff was a business planner. Jeff was at a Fortune 500 company. Jeff was successful.

4、Pumas are animals. They are large. They are cat-like. They are found inAmerica.

5、His boss lost a car last night. The car was white. The car was expensive. The car was very pretty.

6、He put forward a good suggestion. The suggestion is for students. The students are going to study abroad.

7、The hotel is not spacious. The hotel is not comfortable.

8、The word derives from Latin. It is probable. The meaning of the word escapes me.

9、I want to visit the British Museum. I want to visit the Tower of London. The desire is particular.

10、Technology has changed our life. It has done that over the past two decades. The change is total.

第三课 修饰语(2) Modifiers (2)

True or false

1、The reason why he didn’t come is because he was ill.

2、Workers are constructing a building for storage.

3、Although it has not yet been finished, I believe it will be carried on.

4、We grew many different vegetables including cabbages, beans, eggplants, potatoes, tomatoes, and etc.

5、Each and every one of the flowers has their own colors and smells.

6、It is imperative that every one of us remold our world outlooks.

7、Playing a musical instrument is a valuable experience for a child. They teach them many important things.

8、It is said that if anyone touches the tree, he or she will have bad luck.

9、There is no doubt that each of us has our own opinions.

10、Seemingly, neither of them remembered their instruction.

11、Either of the boys may take their bags in the front of the table.

12、The car drove slowly along the back road. It was quite muddy.

13、The mountains were covered with trees. They were many different varieties.

14、If you receive from a policeman a request like this, you cannot fail to obey him!

15、The instrument, which was bought by my grandfather, was sent to my house.

Passage rewriting

1、Jimmy Gates was a circus owner. Last Christmas, he decided to take some gifts. He went to a children’s hospital. He was dressed up as Father Christmas. Six pretty girls accompanied him. Then, he set off. He rode a baby elephant. He went down the main street of the city. The elephant was called Jumbo. The police would not allow him to do this. He should know that. A policeman came over. He told Jimmy. He should go along a side street. Jumbo was holding up the traffic. Jimmy agreed to go at once. Jumbo would not like to go. Fifteen policemen pushed hard. They wanted to move him away from the main street. The police had a difficult time. They felt interesting. A policeman afterwards said, “Jumbo must be a few tons. It was lucky that we needn’t carry him. Certainly, we should arrest him. He has a good record. We shall forgive him this time.”

Sentence Combining

1、Thomas Jefferson may be less famous than George Washington. Thomas Jefferson may be less famous than Abraham Lincoln. Thomas Jefferson is the third president of theUnited States. (请使用同位语)

2、They put the tools in place. The tools are of their new business. The tools are currycomb, brush and pitchfork. (请使用同位语)

3、The team came onto the court. We jumped to our feet. We cheered. We were Rocket fans. (使用同位语)

4、Our department head will review the memo. After that the memo is circulated. Our department head is a careful reader. Our department head is an outspoken critic. (请使用同位语)

5、He had every chance of winning. He lost at last. (请使用连词)

6、We are in the same boat now. We have to cooperate. We have to back up each other. (请使用连词)

7、The wind was strong. The rain was unstoppable. I felt very cold. (请使用连接副词thus)

8、We wanted to arrive at the square. We wanted to do it on time. We were delayed. Traffic resulted in our delay. (请使用连接副词however)

9、The workers have not been paid. We have given them no pay for two months. We owe our suppliers £50,000. (请使用连接副词in addition)

10、My mother has come. My father has come. I have not seen them. The train was delayed by snow. (请使用连词)

第四课 短语 (1)Phrases (1)

True or false

1、I like going out with her because she really made me feel important.

2、I used to think my parents were fussy, but as you grow older, you become more tolerant.

3、People like living in Kunming because they have good weather all year long.

4、We tried to move around, but there is not too much we can do.

5、It’s wise for beginning drivers to stay out of heavy traffic until they have more experience.

6、Jenney liked fishing, but hunting was also enjoyed by him.

7、Some people like apples, but watermelons are preferred by others.

8、First rise to your feet and then you should address your guests.

9、While cleaning his gun, it went off unexpectedly.

10、Approaching the woods, you will see a cabin.

11、After looking out the window for hours, I found the rain passed.

12、Tearing the curtains apart, there was no one hiding there.

13、To swim properly, a course of instruction is necessary.

14、When a small boy, his parents were very strict with him.

15、While we were climbing the hill, the rain began to fall.

Passage rewriting

1、The Great St. Bernard Pass connectsSwitzerlandtoItaly. It is 2,473 metres high. it is the highest mountain pass in Europe. The monastery of St. Bernard is famous. People set it up in eleventh century. It lies about a mile away. For hundreds of years, St. Bernard dogs have saved the lives of travellers. These travellers were crossing the Pass. The Pass was dangerous. These dogs were friendly. People first brought them from Asia. People used them as watchdogs. They did so even in Roman times. They built a tunnel. It was through the mountains. The Pass is less dangerous. Each year, people still sent the dogs out into the snow. At any time a traveller is in difficulty. There is the new tunnel. There are still a few people. They attempt to cross the Pass. They rashly did so. They are on foot.

Sentence Combining

1、He was still mumbling something. These things were about hospitals. He was mumbling at the end of the party.

2、They had got away. They had taken diamonds. The diamonds are worth of thousands of pounds.

3、He was in hospital. He would have to stay there. He would have to spend another two weeks.

4、She must appear in the play. She must wear a dress. She must wear stockings. The dress is red. The stockings are long.

5、People must have been driven away. The number of the people excels a hundred. They have to leave their homes. The reason is the noise.

6、He was defeated by a boxer. The boxer was called Gentleman Jackson. People quickly forgot him.

7、The couple has seen their son off. They returned home. They didn’t say anything.

8、Hollywood functions like a magnet. It draws young people. They are ambitious. They are from all over the world.

9、Mary knelt. She shut her eyes. She prayed to the goddess.

10、You starve to death. You live like Robinson Crusoe.(either ... or) He waited for a boat. The boat never comes.

第五课 短语(2)Phrases (2)

True or false

1、The desert had scarcely rained last summer.

2、I think the new political reform will not last barely a month.

3、Do not coin terms that are intelligible to nobody.

4、He has neither talent nor the desire to learn.

5、The pilot could hardly find nowhere to land.

6、The castle burnt down a few years ago was never rebuilt.

7、Many villagers, knowing all this, still insisted on my paying for the damage.

8、Many students who followed the instructions mechanically failed to obtain satisfactory results.

9、Columbia University the second-largest landowner in New York City is part of the Ivy League.

10、The tortoise as far as I know has been on earth for thousands of years.

11、You should forgive him for his forgetfulness; after all he is over seventy.

12、The child needed sturdy shoes which were expensive.

13、The old lady has just retired from India, where she had lived for ten years.

14、Darwin's most important book, On the Origin of Species, was the result of many years of research.

15、Many countries, for example, Mexico and Japan, have a lot of earthquakes.

Passage rewriting

1、The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous monuments in the world. In the nineteenth century, the people of France presented to the United States of America. The statue was great. Auguste Bartholdi designed it. He took ten years to complete it. He used copper to make the actual figure. He used a metal framework to support it. The framework was Eiffel especially constructed. They transported it to the United States. Before this, they had to find a site for the statue. They had to build a pedestal for it. They chose a site. It was an island. It was at the entrance of New York Harbour. By 1884, they erected a statue in Paris. It was 151 feet tall. In the following year, they took it to pieces. They sent it to America. By the end of 1886 October, they put the statue together again. Bartholdi officially presented it to the American people. Ever since then, it was a symbol for the millions of people. They passed through New York Harbour. They wanted to make their homes in America.

Sentence Combining

1、I got rid of him. It took me over half an hour.

2、I decided. I would not buy anything. Then I got off the ship.

3、It was raining. The rain was heavy. He was asked to carry an umbrella. He refused.

4、The bar of chocolate is nice. The bar of chocolate is big. The bar of chocolate costs fifty pence. Fifty pence is a small price. Most people think so.

5、I pretended. I had not seen him It was no use.

6、The woman simply took the parcel. She walked out of the shop. She didn’t pay.

7、The man was arrested. After that he admitted. He had hidden in the box. He hid there before the plane left London

8、The boy led the way. We had no trouble. We found the cave. The cave was strange. (请用独立主格结构)

9、He lay at full length. He was upon his stomach. His head rested upon his left forearm. (请用独立主格结构)

10、The Trojans were asleep. The Greek soldiers crept out of the horse. The horse was made of wood. The horse was hollow. (请用独立主格结构)

第六课 从句 (1) Clauses (1)

True or false

1、He has finished her homework before he went to bed.

2、Anybody, either a firm or an individual, have a chance to open a current account.

3、Neither volleyball nor basketball is a hundred years old.

4、Not only you but (also) I am to blame.

5、There are an ocean of flowers.

6、At present, there is a lot of pilot projects in the whole country in every large telecommunication operator.

7、The great majority of the people behave according to the law rule.

8、The audience was impressed by his profound lecture.

9、A small fishing boat was carried miles out to sea by the powerful fish.

10、I used to travel by air a great deal when I was a boy.

11、There he was picked up by policeman and sent back to theEnglandby local authorities.

12、In 1860, a better plan was put forward by an Englishman, William Low.

13、As soon as he opens the gate from the outside, he comes into the garden and waits until the gate shuts.

14、Children were at school, my husband was at work and the house was quiet.

15、He slept very well for first two nights, but on third night, storm blew up.

Passage rewriting

1、Titanic was a great ship. On April 10th, 1912, it sailed for New York from Southampton. 1,316 passengers and 891 crew were on the ship. It had 46,000 ton. Even by modern standard, it was a huge one. People had built many ships. Titanic was the largest ship at that time. They thought it unsinkable. She had sixteen watertight compartments. Two of these were filled with water. It could still float. People will always remember the terrible sinking of the great ship. It sank on its first voyage. Life lost heavily. Many people jumped into the water. The water was icy. Not enough lifeboats for all passengers. 1,500 people died.

Sentence Combining

1、The big clock used to strike the hours day and night. It was damaged many years ago.

2、A man broke his right leg. People took him to hospital. It happened a few weeks before Christmas.

3、A desert island is a sort of paradise. There the sun always shines. We sometimes imagine so.

4、I bought a book of maps. I found it most helpful. It is helpful on the journey. The journey is cross country.

5、People work in offices. They are frequently referred to as "white-collar workers'. They usually wear a collar to go to work. They usually wear a tie to go to work

6、The teacher explained that passage. He did that again and again. Every student might understand it.

7、The officer heard the news. The officer was in the control tower. He was very angry. Balloons can be a great danger. The danger is to aircraft.

8、The man slept on the floor. He was tired of that. He saved up for years. He wanted to buy a real bed.

9、This time, he managed to climb into the mouth of the volcano. He could take photographs. He could measure temperatures.

10、Someone gave the alarm. The great ship turned. The turning is sharp. The ship wanted to avoid a collision. A collision was direct.

第七课 从句 (2) Clauses (2)

True or false

1、I had the breakfast and I sent the children to school.

2、I returned home but it was still early.

3、A smiling policeman told him and his bicycle had been found.

4、The weather was very hot so he carried the bed on to the roof of his house.

5、Over the years, the crash was forgotten when the wreck remained undisturbed.

6、The plane was late and detectives were waiting at the airport all morning.

7、Nearly everybody enters for the competition each year, but Linda wins every time.

8、When he smiled, he remembered his hard early years and the long road to success.

9、We all have secrets, but we do not want even our closest friends to learn.

10、Don’t stay up too late is a good living habit.

11、It is said that if anyone touches the tree, he or she will have bad luck.

12、There is needed that kind of capacity to cope with the problem.

13、In order to keep close relationship between friends is to pay respect to each other.

14、If two men whose interests are the same, they can make good friends.

15、Though the sound could be heard clearly, it took me a long time to react.

Passage rewriting

1、Not long ago, on the Aegean island of Kea, archaeologists made an interesting discovery. There was a temple in an ancient city on the promontory of Ayia Irini. An American team explored it. The city must be prosperous for a period of time. It once had a high level of civilization. Houses generally had three storeys high. They were made of stone. Rooms inside were very big. Walls were decorated beautifully. The city even laid out a drainage system. Under the narrow streets, people found a lot of pipes. They were made of earth. The archaeologists explored the temple. People used the temple for prey and worship from the fifteenth century B.C. to Roman times. In the most holy room of the temple, people found pieces of fifteen statues. They all were made of earth. Each of them stood for a goddess. Once they were painted.

Sentence Combining

1、My advice is this. You practice speaking English. You should do as often as possible.

2、You are coming to London. That is the best news. I have heard some news recently.

3、Fashion differs from country to country. That may reflect the differences. The differences are of culture. The reflection is from one aspect.

4、The curious thing was this. The lake was not marked. It was not on the map.

5、What invariably happens? The question is this. A great number of things choose to go wrong. They occur at precisely the same moment.

6、One of the boxes was extremely heavy. No one could account for the fact.

7、Experts confirmed this. A puma is cornered. It will attack a human being.

8、I rang the bell. I was not surprised to see this. Mr. Smith was still as fat as ever.

9、The wallet must have been found by one of the villagers. Sam was sure of that. It was no returned to him.

10、People work in offices. They are frequently referred to as "white-collar workers'. That is for the simple reason. The reason is this. They usually wear a collar and tie to go to work.

第八课 句子 Sentences

True or false

1、Pollution is the price. We pay for the price for our planet. It is overpopulated. It is over industrialized.

2、Taking a path which led out of the town, we crossed a few fields until we came to a dense wood.

3、We could see the path continued on the other side, but we had no idea how we could get across the stream.

4、I looked up. I saw some children. They were in rags. They surrounded us. They were silent. They were looking at us. They saw us eating.

5、Turning back down the main street, we quickened our pace and made our way rapidly towards the stream where we hoped the boatman was waiting.

6、After I had had lunch at a village pub, I looked for my bag. I had left it on a chair beside the door, but now it wasn't there.

7、My old friend, Harrison, had lived in the Mediterranean for many years before he returned toEngland. He had often dreamed of retiring inEnglandand had planned to settle down in the country.

8、Adding sentence variety to your writing can give it life and rhythm. Also, it can reduce repetition and add emphasis.

9、After they had a wonderful meal, they told stories and sang songs by the campfire, but some time later it began to rain and the boys felt tired so they put out the fire and crept into their tent.

10、Towards evening, the boat struck a rock and the girl jumped into the sea. Then she swam to the shore after she had spent in the water the whole nigh. During that time she covered a distance of eight miles.

11、Dan was most surprised when he heard the news that his bicycle had been found and he was amused too, because he never expected the bicycle to be found, for it was stolen twenty years ago when Dan was a boy of fifteen!

12、Many people pretend that they understand modern art. They always tell you what a picture is 'about'. Of course, many pictures are not 'about' anything. They are just pretty patterns. We like them in the same way that we like pretty curtain material.

13、The woman hesitated for a moment. She finally went in. And she asked to see a dress. That dress was in the window.

14、This time he also met misfortune. His engine broke down. He had to land on the sea. This was the second time.

15、Many people came from many countries to see it and a lot of goods were sent to the exhibition from different places of the world, and also a lot of machinery were exhibited, among which the most wonderful machine was a steam hammer.

Sentence Combining

1、Daniel heard the news. He was most surprised.

2、The god has the head of a cow. It was usually placed inside a mummy.

3、Robert and I went into the living room. There we talked. Our talk lasted for a couple of hours.

4、He returns home at night. He always finds this. Someone has parked a car. The car is outside his gate.

5、A light plane flew off course. The plane carries passengers. It crashed in the mountains. Its pilot was killed.

6、A week before, he had completed an overland flight. Flight was successful. During the flight he covered twenty-six miles.

7、My nephew is named George. He has a box. The box is used to save money. It is always empty.

8、What can be eaten? What cannot be eaten? People try to make a decision. At that time, they usually become quite illogical.

9、He was greeted by a smell. The smell was unpleasant. The smell made him believe this. I was telling the truth.

10、You visit London. You will see many things. One of the first things is Big Ben. It is a famous clock. You can hear it all over the world. You can hear it on the B.B.C.

Final Exam I

True or False

1、The beggar may ask you for money. But never ask you to feel sorry for him.

2、I was writing a letter, suddenly a man came in.

3、The Yellow River is the second long river in China.

4、I appreciate your timely help.

5、There is no doubt that each of us has our own opinions.

6、Go to the supermarket, and would you please get me some eggs.

7、First rise to your feet and then you should address your guests.

8、Looking out of the window of our hotel room, there are lots of mountains in sight.

9、The old lady was so weak that she could hardly climb stairs.

10、Many countries, for example, Mexico and Japan, have a lot of earthquakes.

11、The world's thickest book is 12.5 inches.

12、My husband is keen on the football.

13、I returned home but it was still early.

14、Maybe don't respect to friends doesn't matter too much.

15、A woman was in jeans stood at the window of an expensive shop.

16、She ought to speak Chinese well. She lived there for two years.

17、Written in large letters, even the old men can easily read the word.

18、The pilot could hardly find nowhere to land.

19、She is an American.

20、You sent me a present recently and thank you very much for it.

Sentence Combining

1、The scientist set up his camp. He did that successfully. His camp was very close to the volcano. The volcano was active.

2、A murder crossed the road. The road was in front of me. He did that with a sudden.

3、Why was I stricken? The reason is this. They have all suffered a lot

4、My favorite professors gave talks. Dr. Harry and she are my favorite professors. The talks were interesting.

5、I want to visit the British Museum. I want to visit the Tower of London. My desire is particular.

6、We are in the same boat now. We have to cooperate. We have to back up each other.

7、The teacher explained that passage. He did so again and again. Every student might understand it.

8、He has five hundred gold watches. These watches were hidden in his suitcase. The smuggler is never troubled by such feelings.

9、My advice is this. You practice speaking English. You should do as often as possible.

10、He was defeated by a boxer. The boxer was called Gentleman Jackson. People quickly forgot him.

11、Get something for nothing. All of us love that. Advertisers discovered it years ago.

12、Experts believed this. A puma is cornered. It will attack a human being.

13、Robert and I went into the living room. There we talked. Our talk lasted for a couple of hours.

14、A desert island is a sort of paradise. There the sun always shines. We sometimes imagine so.

15、People work in offices. They are frequently referred to as "white-collar workers'. They usually wear a collar to go to work. They usually wear a tie to go to work

Final Exam II

Passage Rewriting

1、Millriver is a tiny village. Someone says it possesses a tree. The tree is cursed. Someone mentioned the tree in a newspaper. People visit Millriver. The number has now increased. The tree near a church. Someone planted it fifty years ago. It is only in recent years. It has gained an evil reputation. People say that anyone touches the tree will have bad luck, picks a leaf will die. The tree has already claimed a number of victims. Many villagers believe. They has been asked the vicar to ask others cut down the tree. Up to now he has refused. He has pointed out. The tree is a useful source. People can get income from it. Tourists have been coming to see it. They are from all parts of the country. People all said that. The tourists have been picking leaves and cutting their names on the tree-trunk. Up to now, there are no men has been struck down by sudden death!