Unit 1 Testing(章节测试)

1、Which of the following is INCORRECT about the definition of argumentation ?
    A、It is a genre of writing, whose objective is to refute other's point of view.
    B、It requires you to investigate a topic, to collect and evaluate evidence.
    C、It requires you to establish a position on a topic in a concise and logic manner.
    D、It needs examples, statistics, and quotations to support.

2、Which of the following support the opinion that AI should be curbed(遏制) ?
    A、The development of AI may help us live healthier than previous generations.
    B、AI may cause some ethical or legal problems like the accidents caused by auto-driving.
    C、The spread of AI may lighten the household burden of human beings.
    D、With the proliferation of AI, human being may live a more convenient life.

3、Which of the following is NOT one of the elements of argumentation ?
    A、A clear thesis statement.
    B、Arguments with solid evidence.
    C、Restatement of your arguments.
    D、Agreement with alternative side.

Unit 2 Testing(章节测试)

1、Which of the following is NOT a reason why we paraphrase?
    A、To avoid the risk of plagiarism.
    B、To fully understand the original text.
    C、To make things easy to understand.
    D、To use an outside source in our own article.

2、Which of the following word/words do NOT need to be changed in a paraphrase?
    B、Air conditioner.

3、Which of the following is a good paraphrase for the sentence below: News people provide us with the only picture we have of ourselves and of the world.
    A、News reporters take pictures of people and the world, which are the only way for us to know the world.
    B、News media are the only overall information source for us to know ourselves and the world.
    C、News reporters offer us the only story happening around us and in the world.
    D、News reporters offer us the only image we have of ourselves and of the world.

4、What is the first thing you should make sure when you paraphrase?
    A、The ideas of the original is appropriate in your essay.
    B、You have fully understood the original sentence.
    C、The original sentence is a grammatically correct one.
    D、The source of original is a frequently quoted source.

5、Why should we read the original text repeatedly before paraphrasing ?
    A、To learn to use the expressions in the original.
    B、To memorize the original.
    C、To understand the writing style.
    D、To fully understand the original.


Unit 3 Testing(章节测试)

1、In classification essay, the thesis statement is introduced in parallel structure and identical grammatical forms in ________.
    A、introduction part
    B、developmental paragraphs
    C、conclusion part
    D、All of the above.

2、Teachers had better be sorted into different groups according to their _________.
    C、teaching methods

3、What principle is observed to classify students in one class into three categories—excellent, average and poor ?
    A、Be significant.
    B、Be consistent and exclusive.
    C、Be coherent.
    D、Be complete.

4、When things in life should be sorted into clear groups, what method should be used ?

5、In the conclusion part of classification essay, you need to ________.
    A、emphasize the relationships of all the categories
    B、reinforce the subject and make some personal suggestions
    C、define the feature of each category
    D、Both A and B.

Unit 4 Testing(章节测试)

1、Which of the following is NOT the reason why we should grasp the structure of lecture listening ?
    A、Better understand a lecture.
    B、Probe for the intention of lecturer.
    C、Clarify the function of details.
    D、Identify the important information.

2、We can usually organize our notes by _______.
    A、shorthand and numbers
    D、linear notes and mind maps

3、What we cannot find in the introduction part of a lecture listening ?
    A、Topic of a lecture.
    B、Term explanation.
    D、Outline of the content.

4、We can be an active listener by ______.
    A、Predicting the content.
    B、Taking notes.
    C、Focusing on the details.
    D、Paying attentions to examples.

5、Which of the following is NOT one part of a typical research model ?


Unit 5 Testing(章节测试)

1、What is NOT a type of definition ?
    A、Sentence definition.
    B、Extended definition.
    C、Definition essay.
    D、Chunked definition.

2、In the following sentence, from which following aspects does the sentence extend the definition? “An endangered species is a species (a population) of animals, plants or other organisms that is in danger of becoming extinct. This could happen because there are few of that animal left, its predators have grown in number, or the climate that it lives in is changing, or the places it lives in have been destroyed.”
    D、Working principles.

3、In the following sentence, from which following aspects does the sentence extend the definition? “The snow leopard (Panthera uncia) is a feline, which lives in central Asia. It used to be thought not to be closely related to the smaller leopard, which is why they were put in different genera before. However, recent research has discovered this is not correct. The cat is closely related to the other big cats in the genus Panthera.”

4、Filling blanks with the right indefinite or definite articles: Interactional competency is ______ ability to communicate with others. Piano is _____ type of musical instrument which consists with strings and keys. Culture is _____ set of features and variables that define a group of community.
    A、the, a, a
    B、the, a,the
    C、a, the, a
    D、the, the, a

5、According to the video on ‘calorie’, which of the definition is the best to define calorie.
    A、Calorie is one way to document our daily food consumptions.
    B、Calorie is how much energy we get when we eat.
    C、Calorie is one way to document the energy we consume and use.
    D、People gain calories when they eat.

Unit 6 Testing(章节测试)

1、Which of the following is NOT the characteristic of a concept ?

2、Which of the following is describing a concept by classification ?
    A、Love is divided into benevolence, responsibility and sexual attraction.
    B、Mania is an obsession to someone or something.
    C、Friendship is like an umbrella which brings us comfort and trust.
    D、Public speaking is to speak in front of a lot of people.

3、Which of the following is describing a concept by comparison and contrast ?
    A、Corporate culture is an unseen part of a working environment.
    B、A good corporate culture can drive firms to go beyond excellence.
    C、There are several types of corporate cultures like the family culture, the passionate culture.
    D、Corporate culture is different from corporate ethics, which is more general than the latter.

4、Which of the following statement is correct ?
    A、Characteristic is not a prominent aspect of something.
    B、Exemplification is less effective in describing a concept.
    C、We'd better link descriptive sentences to a coherent one.
    D、We'd better describe a concept by adopting one method a time.

5、What of the following is NOT the common method of describing a concept ?
    A、Comparison or contrast.


Unit 7 Testing(章节测试)

1、Which of the following is true about the two pictures discussed at the very beginning ?
    A、The first picture is about the death of Jesus and the second is about the death of Plato.
    B、The first picture is about the death of Socrates and the second is about the death of Jesus.
    C、The first picture is about the death of Jesus and the second is about the death of Socrates.
    D、The first picture is about the death of Plato and the second is about the death of Jesus.

2、Which of the following is NOT one of the similarities between Socrates and Jesus ?
    A、They were both enigmatic.
    B、They were both eloquent.
    C、They both wrote many books.
    D、They were both courageous.

3、According to the second audio clip, which of the following is NOT true about men and women ?
    A、In coping with stress, men are more focused and withdrawn.
    B、In coping with stress, women are more overwhelmed and emotionally involved.
    C、Women are more likely to talk about problems than to solve problems.
    D、Men tend to communicate with each other when facing with problems.

4、Which of the following does NOT explain the meaning of “unity”, “support”, and “coherence” in this micro-class correctly ?
    A、Support: approval, encouragement, and perhaps help for a person, idea, plan etc.
    B、Coherence: all the parts are connected in a clear and reasonable way.
    C、Coherence: a close relationship based on grammar or meaning, between two parts of a sentence or a larger piece of writing.
    D、Unity: all the parts are matching and form a single central idea.

5、In this micro-class, you have learned:
    A、The use of Venn diagram to identify similarities and differences of two subjects.
    B、The two organizational patterns of a comparison or contrast essay.
    C、The common transitions used in comparing and contrasting.
    D、All of the above.

Unit 8 Testing(章节测试)

1、Which of the following is INCORRECT about Socrates ?
    A、He is the father of Western Philosophy.
    B、He creates Socratic Method and Socratic Irony.
    C、He is a student of Plato.
    D、He is the teacher of Aristotle.

2、The overall purpose of Socratic questioning is to challenge ____ and ____ of thinking.

3、Which of the following is a typical way to question for clarification ?
    A、What is the origin of Buddhism ?
    B、What do you mean by “delayed contentment”?
    C、Where do you get the idea?
    D、What makes you think like that?

4、Which of the following is a typical way to question for consequences ?
    A、What is the result of being a procrastinator ?
    B、Is it beneficial or not ?
    C、Do you think it is reasonable ?
    D、What makes you to do like that ?

5、Which of the following is NOT the dimension of critical thinking ?
    A、Analytic component.
    B、Evaluative component.
    C、Logic component.
    D、Creative component.


Unit 9 Testing(章节测试)

1、A is regularly associated with B; Therefore, A causes B. The statement is True or false?

2、Which of the following statement is true ?
    A、We'd better explain everything that has led into the effect.
    B、We should find both reasons and results in a causality essay.
    C、A cause and effect essay seeks to understand the relationships among events.
    D、It is impossible to discuss both causes and effects in an essay.

3、Fish-bone Diagram can help us to ______ in writing a cause and effect essay.

4、Which of the following is NOT the content of introduction in writing a cause and effect essay ?
    A、Opening statement.
    B、Explaining the issue.
    C、Presenting your thesis.
    D、Giving an example.

5、We can use facts to support our claims like statistics, personal experiences. The statement is true or false ?

Unit 10 Testing(章节测试)

1、Which one is NOT the reason for people to use graphs in presentation ?
    A、Graphs are clear demonstration of figures.
    B、It is easy to catch up with the speaker in a talk or presentation when there are graphs.
    C、Different forms of graphs make a presentation more interesting.
    D、Graphs help presenters show their result in a vivid way.

2、What are line graphs good at in presenting statistics ?
    A、To show a trend.
    B、To show the quantity.
    C、To show a proportional relationship.
    D、To show the quality.

3、What are scatter plots good at in presenting statistics ?
    A、To show changes over time.
    B、To show the relationship between parts and whole.
    C、To show orders.
    D、To show how closely two variables related.

4、What should you do in a presentation ?
    A、Swing your body from side to side.
    B、Use your finger as a pointer.
    C、Prepare a colorful PPT to catch your audience’s attention.
    D、Put a lot of text in your PPT.

5、Which type of graph would best show the number of boys and the number of girls in each grade ?
    A、Line graph.
    B、Double bar graph.
    C、Pie chart.
    D、Scatter plot.


Unit 11 Testing(章节测试)

1、Which one is not an example of process writing ?
    A、Food receipt.
    B、Instruction manual.
    C、Self-training books entitled how to…

2、There are _____ types of process writing.

3、Which of following is not a strategy for planning a process writing ?
    B、Sequence chain.
    D、Venn chart.

4、Which is the right order of writing a process essay ?
    A、body of essay → conclusion → introduction
    B、conclusion → introduction → body of essay
    C、introduction → conclusion → body of essay
    D、introduction → body of essay conclusion

5、_____ process writing explains how to do something by clarifying the steps in the procedure so the readers can re-create the steps and the results.

Unit 12 Testing(章节测试)

1、What does the man in the video mean by seeing “I’m good” (at around 1minute 20 second) ?
    A、I am happy.
    B、I feel well.
    C、No, thank you.
    D、Yes, I am doing fine.

2、What does“We’re so spoilt”mean(at about minute 5 of the video) ?
    A、Our interest is ruined.
    B、We feel disappointed.
    C、The TV shows are getting better.
    D、The ending is revealed before we watch.

3、According to this video, “sb. is wired that way” means_________.
    A、he is closely in touch with others
    B、he can connect a circuit board
    C、he is connected to WIFI service
    D、he was born with a certain quality

4、She is not FUNNY funny means___.
    A、It’s hard to make sense of her funniness
    B、she is funny but not in the usual sense
    C、she is not funny at all
    D、she is the funniest

5、The reason for the air crash in the last part is______.
    A、22,000 thousand was misunderstood as 2,000
    B、22,000 thousand was misunderstood as two 2,000
    C、poor hearing
    D、poor signal


Unit 12-1 Testing(章节测试)

1、Which of the following can be regarded as a summary ?
    B、Literature review.
    C、Research result.
    D、Research Discussion.

2、Summary is a short piece giving the main points of something longer, which is usually about one half of the original length. The above statement is true or false?

3、Which of the following is NOT a key point of writing a summary ?
    A、Don't copy the original.
    B、Try to understand the overall structure of an article.
    C、Be well informed of some genre knowledge.
    D、Try to keep as more information as we can in reading.

4、What of the following is NOT the step of writing a summary ?
    A、Read thoroughly.
    B、Write a draft.
    C、Note down the details.
    D、Proofread and polish.

5、Which of the following sentence is NOT appropriate to be the beginning one of a summary ?
    A、This paper reports an empirical study on _____.
    B、This report focuses on the problem of _______.
    C、This article is mainly about ________________.
    D、Once upon a time, there was _________________.