Unit 1 Fighting with the Forces of Nature

Unit 1Test 1

1、Napoleon was confident of a quick victory because his soldiers were well trained, efficient and well equipped.

2、“The Icy Defender” refers to the cold Russian winter.

3、The text is divided into five parts.

4、Both Napoleon and Hitler were confident of a quick victory.

5、Napoleon launched his attack in the winter of 1812.

6、In face of Napoleon’s offensive, the Russians surrendered after fierce resistance.

7、When Napoleon’s army was retreating from Moscow, it suffered heavy losses.

8、Hitler attack the Soviet Union in the summer of 1941.

9、In face of the German invasion, Stalin was fully prepared for the attack and immediately gave his people tactical instruction.

10、Both Napoleon and Hitler underestimated the severity of the Russian winter and thus failed in their invasions.

Unit 3 Job Interview

Unit 3 Test 1

1、What is the writer's job according to what he says at the beginning of the text?
    A、He is a salesman.
    B、He is the boss of a manufacturing company.
    C、He is the HR of a company.
    D、He is looking for a job.

2、Which one is not included in the tips given by the author?
    A、Prepare to win.
    B、Find someone to help you.
    C、Never stop learning.
    D、Believe in yourself, even when no one else does.

3、When the author mentions the suggestion "Never stop learning", he uses the example of_________
    A、Michael Jordan.
    B、A New-York cabdriver.
    C、A 90-year-old tennis player.
    D、The Vietnam veteran in the New York Marathon.

4、When the author mentions the suggestion " Prepare to win.", he uses the example of _______
    A、Michael Jordan.
    B、A New-York cabdriver.
    C、A 90-year-old tennis player.
    D、The Vietnam veteran in the New York Marathon.

5、The writer has interviewed many applicants for jobs, so he has abundant experience in how to get the job you want.

6、The young applicant was ill prepared for the job he was applying and therefore would not get the job he wanted.

7、It's polite for the interviewees to use the mobile phones during the interview.

8、The author gives four tips on how to get hired.

9、We should dress casually for an interview.

Unit 4 Globalization

Unit 4 Test 1

1、The World Economic Forum is a non-governmental organization headquartered in New York.

2、The meeting of World Economic Forum is held annually in the Swiss town of Davos.

3、All the members of BRICS are industrialized countries.

4、Alex Mandl believes that the national identity makes no difference for him.

5、Davosman are members of World Economic Forum, mostly business elite.

6、World Economic Forum are attended by business leaders of the world on business matters.

7、BRICS countries comprise nearly half of the world's population, 1/4 of the world's landmass.

8、Ten of thirty fastest growing urban areas are located in India.

9、The rise of developing countries in global trade was taken place in the 1990s.

Unit 4 Globalization

Unit 4 Test 2

1、Klaus Schwab argues that _____a global outlook does not mean erasing national identity.

2、She seems to have______ without trace. No one can find her.

3、Teachers try hard to come up with ways to______ their students’ learning.

4、This new technology allows natural gas to______ diesel fuel used in bus engines.

5、He ______ his wife over how to decorate their new flat.
    A、is at odds with
    B、is committed to
    C、is sweeping aside
    D、is striking a balance

6、An increasing number of overseas Chinese students have returned home in recent years, for they hold an optimistic ______ for the Chinese economy.

7、Over a glass of wine, the _______ young man talked his ambitious plan to build his own brand.

8、The past twenty years __________ the fast growth of the Internet.

9、Full-time employees are ________ to receive health insurance.

10、China has _______ USA as the world’s leading car market.

11、Your education can be greatly _____________ when you have an experienced person to lead you.

12、In my personal role as a health leader, I am ______________ improving the health of women everywhere.
    A、made little difference
    B、at odds with
    C、committed to
    D、let alone

13、Taking an engineer or scientist involved in product design and development is always _____________.

14、When he was depressed, he felt utterly _____from reality.
    B、to divorce

15、None of them, it seems have ever used a digital camera, ___________ own one.
    A、let alone
    B、let off
    C、let down
    D、let go

Unit 6 The Pace of Life

Unit 6 Test 1

1、According to Richard Tomkins, which is NOT the fact that technology brought to us?
    A、The aircraft creates a high demand for time-consuming journeys that we never dreamed of.
    B、The motorcar brings more traffic problems than it promises to solve.
    C、The washing machine reduced the hours spent on washing and ironing.
    D、Technology produces the new burden of dealing with faxes, e-mails and voicemails.

2、According to Edward Wilson, the rising prosperity brought to us _____.
    A、increasing unemployment rate
    B、discontent with super abundance
    C、more job opportunities
    D、more time stress

3、Which group benefited most from the gained free time?
    B、working couples
    D、both A and C

4、The work-life debate means ____.
    A、employers urge employees to do extra work
    B、employees often have debates with their employers
    C、people tend to take early retirement or give up high pressure jobs.
    D、employers adopt family-friendly working policies.

5、The time stress we feel arises from __________.
    A、a shortage of time
    C、too many things we try to do
    D、information explosion

6、The three reasons why we feel so time-pressed today are: technology; the information explosion; rising prosperity.

7、According to Richard Tomkins, technology has made our life easier because machines have done work for us.

8、Working fathers have more free time than working mothers.

9、The real problem is that we cram too much things into our time.

10、The more successful remedy is we need fewer desires.

Unit 6 The Pace of Life

Unit 6 Test 2

1、The big city _____ the old woman from the countryside.

2、He ______ with rage.

3、Responsibilities at home and work _____ his time.
    C、eat into

4、The amount of information available has _____.

5、There can be no durable development and _____ without peace.

6、They tried to ___ the result of the football match.

7、They walked so fast that I could not _____ them.
    A、get along with
    B、sprung up
    C、raise up
    D、keep up with

8、People's concern over genetically modified food has ____ a global debate.
    C、set about

9、To illustrate my point, I have done a ___ analysis.

10、Several people were injured in a bomb _______.

11、At the recent ___, a declaration was adopted.

12、She ___ herself carefully in front of the mirror.

13、The ___ of organizing the campaign fell to me.

14、I can only pay a ___ of my bill.

15、War brings no ___ to the great mass of ordinary citizens.